Serena Williams, and her Cat-Suit that got her into trouble! Isn’t it silly?

You may feel Serena is made a victim with all the controversies, but I would really stand strong this time.

Recently, Serena Williams wore a black tight cat-suit for the game which led to Banning Cat Suits for all the French Opens!

Serena Williams Catsuit

The French Tennis Federation President Bernard Giudicelli told the Tennis Magazine that they will be regulating the rules for the dress code for all the future games.

But don’t you feel Serena Williams topless video or other things of hers has been targeted for a wrong reason here? What would actually do any different to the game or any person by her wearing a cat-suit for the game?

Serena Williams, and her Cat-Suit that got her into trouble! Isn’t it silly?

While you may say that, rules are rules. But there is as such no rules imposed regarding the dressing.

Serena looks decent, and it actually looked classy. But the Tennis Federation President claimed the dress as an insult to the game and the place in which the game is played.

While Giudicelli made this remark against Serena, there were a lot of supporters and critics that stood by Serena. Well, according to me – it’s a clear way of disrespecting a woman and her freedom of choices. All the players are free to choose whatever they wish to wear to a sports match. The player should be comfortable on the first stance, and should look sporty!

Here, Serena was wearing a black cat-suit by Nike, and she mentioned that she felt like a superwoman at the match. Also, the dress suited well for her post-pregnancy conditions which made her feel comfortable on the field.

In an interview with the Reuters, she said that the cat-suit made her feel like a warrior princess, and it also helped with better blood circulation.

On asking about her relationship with Giudicelli, she answered that it’s great and they have already talked about the same matter, and it’s all going fine.

Even though, the matter may seem solved here – don’t you think the things could have a bit different? What are your thoughts on this incidents? Share with us by commenting them below!

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